Dove – Selfies

UPDATE: One year later and I still haven’t taken a selfie. I am proud of this.

I have to admit, I’ve never taken a selfie. I am not sure whether this means I am not interested in self-promotion – or just plain lazy. Probably the latter, because I know I am as self-obsessed as the next girl – er, woman.

And I can’t make my mind up about this video. I guess it’s supposed to be inspirational. And maybe it is. But don’t kid yourself, this is not a public service announcement — it is just another, albeit subtle, way to sell Dove. We should choose Dove because they are the soap that cares about us! Dove, a product of multinational behemoth Unilever, cares about us.

I guess that is the message, and in some ways, this is a lovely story. And certainly more interesting than your average :30 spot. I even teared up a little. But I must be missing something, because I am not sure how taking a picture of yourself and blowing it up to larger-than-life size is going to make you embrace your inner beauty. If I did this, I would freak out at seeing my imperfections blown up this big. My enlarged pores would look like moon craters!

I am sure this is not the intended message. Maybe it’s just me.The young women in the video appear to have learned a valuable lesson. Right? Who really knows? And will they buy Dove? Will you? (I have been a long time user, inner beauty or no.)

I don’t have any answers here. But at the very least, this is a good example of where things are headed in content marketing/brand journalism/PR.

Another reason to love Chipotle.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 4.31.46 PMChipotle “Back to the Start”

A great use of You Tube as social media/branding/public relations. We focus so much on Twitter and Facebook that we sometimes overlook the other outlets (well I do anyway). And it makes me feel better about eating so much Chipotle!

Check out their You Tube channel for more.

Maslow 2.0

Maslow 2.0: A New and Improved Recipe for Happiness

What are the ingredients for happiness? It’s a question that has been addressed time and again, and now a study based on the first-ever globally representative poll on well-being has some answers about whether or not a pioneering theory is actually correct.

Read more at The Atlantic

To press release or not to press release?

This semester, we’ll be talking about different ways to reach your audience. And we’ll be trying to figure out who that audience is – consumers, journalists, bloggers, all of the above? In the words of Mark Twain, I think reports of the press release’s death are greatly exaggerated, but there is no doubt they aren’t the magic bullet they used to be (or clients think they are).

We’ll be experimenting with social media releases through a platform calledPitch Engine. To get a better idea of how and why, read this post by PE’s founder, Jason Kintzler. And check out this pitch. Not your father’s press release, eh?

(Photo credit: “Mark Twain” by Donkey Hotey)